Dudley or Richard

How close is Phillips to getting in game shape? The hogs need him bad to play solid minutes in the rotation.

Hearing he’s getting better. I said awhile back the end of Jan. would be a good time frame as far getting more mins. Guess we’ll see.

The hogs really need him to be able to help on both ends of the floor.

Totally agree. He’s a good looking specimen, good and long for Mikes D and looks to be a physical mismatch on the offensive end to me. I watched him closely last Friday against Austin Peay. He just needs to knock the rust off some and get in shape. We have a lot of young talent that will hopefully continue to improve by the middle of conference season this year.

Phillips should be a force at the right time. This was discussed before season started. Lot of people on here thought he would be an immediate impact at start of the season. That just wasn’t practical then, but look for him to start getting quality minutes & making that impact by mid to late January.
Ace in the hole right now.

I always found this type of question hard to answer.

He looked good the other night in the minutes he got, but we will only be able to tell what shape he is in when his minutes expand.

Jordan has done some good stuff this season in his limited minutes except for shooting the basketball

Jordan is 3-of-19 from the field, 0-5 from 3-point range and 4-4 from the FT line in 36 minutes of action.

He has 5 rebounds, a steal, an assist and a pair of turnovers