Dudley or RD

How do Justice Hill and Isaac McBride compare as players, and in your opinion did we get the right guy? I’ll hang up and listen to your response. Go Hogs!

Justice is a true point guard and is more athletic and explosive with the dribble. Outside shot was improving in the summer, but not close to McBride’s ability to hit the jumper and three. McBride improved his ability to handle the ball but his shot is what got him the late offers.

Both are relentless workers. Don’t think you can go wrong with either one.

Different players.

Hill is a true point guard.

McBride is a shooting guard who will learn to play the point better in college. That’s my opinion and also the one of Brian Ross, his former high school coach who is now at LR Central.

There was no wrong choice, but it would have been nice to get both.

However, if you had done you were probably adding to a position of strength and not shoring up a weakness.

The Hogs have always needed more shooters. I love Hill, but I am very biased towards McBride. I think his shooting ability will always make him be a better overall player than Justice. Dishing out dimes is great when you have shooters. We need more shooters!

McBride can just flat out score. The better the competition, the more he pours in the points. And he is a team player first.

What little I’ve seen of Justice, the thing that stands out to me is his quickness. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a high school player any quicker. That’s with both his feet and his hands. He has a chance to be a defensive demon on the opponents’ point guards. He definitely will need to work on his shooting, but he’ll have from January through September to do that and will get good guidance along the way.

I hope, and believe, Mike has found his “Razorback” Phil Pressey in Justice Hill.

I have no doubt as of today McBride is a better player than Hill. And if the recruiting was to start all over for the two, there is no doubt in my mind that they would have preferred McBride over Hill. But that is hindsight and not reality.

Might be, but that is not how the staff has felt or feels now.

I agree and hope this pans out. Loved Pressey, Sid & their Bucks team.

I just wish they had made room to take both. No ill will at all towards Justice or MA.

Mackey wanted to be a Hog all along.

Phil is Paul’s son.

I am a big McBride fan. I hope justice pans out, and I realize they play different styles/positions, but if I can only have 1 I would take Isaac all day long… That being said, I agree with DD. I don’t think the staff feels the same way even today despite the ratings disparity. Considering the fact that Anderson kept calling Isaac - “Isaiah“ when he visited him they clearly haven’t given a lot of thought to him

LOL… I misread and showed my age! :oops: :lol:

But I assumed you were talking about Paul because he played with MA for Nolan at Tulsa.