Dudley or Jimmy?

Do you see any potential transfers at the end of the year? Do you see anyone leaving early?

Do you see us signing Zhaire or a big man to close the class out?

Can Darius Hall give us minutes next year the 4?

There hasn’t been any recent indications about a transfer, but obviously you never really know.

Since Zhaire has the offer and has gotten the recent full-court press from the staff, I think that signifies he’s the top priority. We’ll see how that goes and if any other names pop up/spots come open.

I haven’t seen Darious play as much as Dudley or some of the other posters, but I like what I’ve seen from him and think he’s a combo guy who can play the 4. The question is really if he can guard 4s and I think he definitely can. He’s 6-6, 210 with a 7-foot wingspan and a 37-inch vertical. That’s plenty big/athletic enough against most teams. He can switch across the board like they have done so much and he can offer some shooting/playmaking.

Yea, we gotta get more from the 4 position next year.

Without question. This could be a 28-29 win team with good play at the 4.


And I’m really looking forward to our potential next year, but that 4 spot really worries me. TBH, I’m not sure what they can do, unless Cook or Bailey really step it up. Thomas to me, is what he is at this point. He’ll be a 5th year senior next year, he’s played 4 seasons of P5 basketball, I just don’t see him having any drastic change. To me he’s like the forward version of Ricky Scott, you keep thinking he’s going to give you more and be consistent, but it just never happens.

Cook, while he is a first year JUCO, he has been about the same as Thomas, which is up and down, maybe he improves dramatically his second year like a lot JUCO players do. And Bailey can’t really do anything against teams that are just as athletic as he is, if they aren’t going to let him dunk, he really struggles. He really needs to improve his shooting and ball handling, he’s the worst among those three, but does have the most upside.

As far as Hall, I just don’t see CMA playing him over 3 upperclassmen unless he’s significantly better, and I haven’t seen enough from him to suggest that he will be his freshman year. The tough thing about our forwards is they aren’t that good, but aren’t bad enough not to play them, and that makes it tough to replace them. If they were like Willy Kouassi or Keaton Miles you could easily play guys over them and justify it, but these guys are a little more productive than that.

I wish we would find a stretch four. We haven’t really had one since Dwight Stewart. Perhaps Hazen could develop into one. Cook and Thomas have shown flashes with a jumper. It’s difficult being a consistent shooter on just a few attempts a game.

Having a stretch 4 would do wonders for the spacing.

Arlando is 9-28 on jumpers this year. That’s about what I expected after watching them in August. He clanked quite a few over the course of the week we got to take in practice. He’s been more selective about when he shoots in actual games, which is to his credit.

Dustin is 6-22. I was wrong about his shooting. Wrote a lengthy article about him earlier this year focusing primarily on his shooting and playmaking ability. He knocked down a ton of shots and was getting a lot of love from teammates and coaches. We talked about how he’d changed his shot to eliminate kicking out his legs and fading away. Well, he fades away most of the time in actual games. He hasn’t been nearly the floor spacer or playmaker I thought he would be. The playmaking I can kinda see because the guards are so ball dominant. I also think his confidence is pretty low. I didn’t see the terrible shooting coming.

That’s a fair point about the limited attempts. That can definitely be an issue. But neither have really shown good fundamentals that make you think they’re just a little off. Both have flawed technique.

Brachen was OK shooting the ball in August. Can definitely improve. I know the staff likes the potential of what he can become.

I’m encouraged by the strides Darious has made as a shooter, but I would not anoint him a stretch 4 yet. His form is at least decent.

Yesterday, when the pregame was on, they were showing the KY players stretching. We were warming up behind them. Several players were shown shooting (most beyond the arc), Hazen was the only one to sink a shot while the cameras were on them.

As for the 4, I’m a little different than most. Honestly, I think by the start of conference play, the lineups will look like:

Starters: Barford, Macon, Garland SF, Thomas, Gafford
“2nd team”: Beard, Smith (if we get him), Hall, Cook, and Thompson

That gives both units three SR’s and two freshmen. I believe the reason CMA isn’t chasing a “PG” is because of Garland. He and his dad have said he wants to be one, and I believe CMA will give him the chance Perry’s freshmen year. I have him as the 3 next year, because he will be paired with Barford and Macon and his ball handling will help, plus those guys can point out what he is doing wrong in games so he improves. Smith and Hall, from everything I’ve seen are better than Bailey and Jones. Smith is better than Jones defensively and probably as good offensively. Hall, is better than Bailey as an all around BBALL player and almost as athletic. I don’t see those two guys (Bailey and Jones) getting much time going forward unless they make HUGE strides going forward. Hazen is behind them. So, to the posters asking if there maybe a transfer, there is my opinion.

I’ve been saying for awhile that I think we need to find a 4 or combo forward on the grad transfer market.

I know it may be an unpopular or controversial opinion but I think DT should be playing at a lower level of basketball. If I were CMA, I think I would suggest being a grad transfer to him. That makes room for two.

Yes, Ag. Asking Hall to play the four would be yet another episode of going small where the Hogs lack a true power forward. What Arkansas also has lacked are wing forwards, and they will have them next season. It would suck to play a small forward at the four and wind up with a guard defending against all the league’s true wings again.

Anybody rather see Gafford and Thompson on court together, vs. going small at the four?

Thomas started the past eight games. That was a pretty good run for Arkansas. Thomas had a couple of good games, a couple of bad ones. He does not seem comfortable in his role. Would not say he is a finesse player, but he’s not a power player either. Thomas might be better as a senior though.

I agree completely with this assessment. I just don’t see DT, with him being a 4th year junior, making the improvement needed to be what we need from that position next year. He pretty much is what he is going to be as a college player.

Comments: I don’t see Jones and Bailey leaving the program unless they force the issue. Actually since both have length and athletic to boot especially Jones being a good shooter will receive plenty of attention this summer. Bailey’s shooting form has already been changed, he will also receive attention this summer. if Mike can go twelve deep he will