Dudley on the DL, part II

I started a new thread because the old one slipped into argument over the health care profession. Hate that. But it’s the normal around this forum these days. Too much about politics and health care and not enough about sports. We ache for games to discuss. I know that.

Dudley had three strokes last week and spent three days in the neuro wing at Washington Regional. He’s at home doing well now, but is out indefinitely. I do not think he will be reading this board anytime soon. I will continue to provide timely updates if there is a change in condition.

I have talked to him several times and he is in good spirits and continues to do what the doctors tell him. He’s on blood thinner and relaxing. He has good memory and a great sense of humor. All his vitals are great, but he’s sleeping a lot because of the blood thinner. He can move about and is able to get on his treadmill at home for short exercise periods.

I started to put his home address here so some of you can send him cards. I decided against that. I may do that at some point, but not right now.

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Put the Hawgs Illustrated address up and then deliver.

Sounds like he is doing good. If he had no permanent damage from the strokes he might be fine. I have Afib so I know blood thinners are really good.

I hope he is up and around very soon.

Clay, I’ve probably annoyed you, Dudley, Matt and others on this board here and there over the years. But this board is a great place and Dudley is an integral part of it. I sure hope he gets back on his feet soon with no lasting complications. Dudley’s a little older than me, so what happened to him hits home a little. Especially during this odd Covid-19 era. I’ll definitely hold a good thought and pray for his continued recovery.

No one annoys me here. Really, I’m pretty even keeled and there is stuff I might respond to should not be taken as being upset or annoyed. You can’t see emotion too much in the printed or typed word.

I roll through stuff. And, my responses sometimes are dry and meant to be funny. I have learned to use the emojis, etc. They can convey a smile or a laugh, or a tear.

I’m older than Dudley. In fact, he looks at me more as a father figure than a brotherly figure – because of that difference in age and also because I’m his boss.

He knows what’s going on here as far as the out pouring of love because I’ve told him. One or two others who have talked to him have told him, too. FYI, the last three times I’ve talked to him – once during the strokes (although I didn’t know he was having strokes, nor did he) – I’ve started the conversation with “I love you.” We all ought to tell those you love – and I do love Dudley – that very thing more often.

At some point he may look here, but probably not any time soon.

Thanks for the update and new thread. It’s sad to see bickering over things other than sports. One of my mentor’s who was one of the owners of our company ended up treating me like his grandson. He ended every phone conversation with I love you. I can’t express in words how much that meant to me.

Well done Clay. You are a great boss and man.

Thank you Clay for the update, I have been able to keep up with Dudley on Facebook and he does appear to be doing pretty good considering the severity of the situation. Will continue to pray that he progresses at a pace where he will be getting back to normal soon.

Wonderful thought. For what ever reason, even though I knew they loved me, that wasn’t something said around my house growing up. Sometime after I became an adult, I started saying it to my parents, and it took hold. Thank God that for the last 30 years of their lives I regularly told them “I love you” and vice versa!

Clay, thank you for the update. We’ll continue to keep Dudley in our prayers. GHG!

Since you mentioned you being the father figure, have you shaved your grizzly beard yet? You may need to reconsider as being a grandfather figure. ha!

Greg, thanks for the reminder. My dad had a problem for a long time telling his 6 he loved them. We knew he did! I as a 68 year old tell my kids and grandkids every chance I love them. It’s important!!

I’ve shaven three times in 10 weeks. I’m two weeks into the current look. Starting to bother me. It’s going to be warmer next week so don’t know if I can make it three weeks. Not sure it’s a good look, either.

Thank you Clay for the positive update on Dudley. We miss him around here dearly, but also know he needs to follow his Dr’s and wife’s instructions. Knowing he is in good spirits and in great hands brings some relief.
Along with prayers, looking forward to a speedy recovery for our brother.

I never used to say “I love you” to anyone other than my immediate family. Then one of my cousins started saying that when we hung up from a phone call. It surprised me and delighted me at the same time. I’m more likely to say it now.


Thank you Clay and be sure to tell Duds that I’ll be keeping him in my thoughts and prayers.

I have had 3 heart attacks and 5 stents and they say no major damage in 4 years. I will know blood thinners the rest of my life age 71.

I read a quote from a little girl once:

“If you love someone you should tell them a lot, because sometimes people forget “

And my kids Youth Pastor told all the kids to always tell their parents “I love you” whenever they left the house or hung up the phone.

My “kids”, now well into their thirties, still do it faithfully. And I always tell my wife when I walk out the door or end a phone conversation. In a worst case scenario, I want it to be the last thing she hears me say.


Clay–I hope Dudley knows how very much JOY he has brought to SO MANY of us over the years. I have met Dudley, but claim to know him. But he has been a major part of my daily life for so long now. As have you. As was your father. All of you are heroes to the Hog fans all over the world. Dudley has been through more than any man should ever have to go through. I pray this is an episode that somehow leads to better health. And a long long life.

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i am still praying for Dudley and i encourage all of us to do the same.

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