Dudley ? On Garland

Hey can we get an update on Khalil?

Is he practicing ? Does he look good? Will he get to play next year?

Post this on the recruiting page and Dudley or Richard are more likely to see it quicker!

All of our insiders have expressed doubts that Khalil will ever play again.

I believe the honest answers to these questions are (1) he is practicing with the team; but I’m not sure if he’s doing everything all the other players are doing. And (2) no one really knows.

Clearly, no medical professional has given him clearance to play in games since the “condition” was discovered last year. There have been a few reports of optimism (I recall hearing that he was going to be evaluated again in December and that those around KG were “optimistic” that he would be released to play - but obviously, that release was not given). And, Khalil himself seems to retain a positive attitude that the situation will resolve itself favorably.

But until a medical professional tests him and signs off, it’s “status quo”. Dudley (and others) have said that at this point, the coaches are hoping for good news, but not necessarily expecting it.

Khalil does some things, but is not allowed to be in competitive situation as he has not been cleared by the medical staff.

Right now my best guess is that he won’t ever play as a Razorback due to his health issue.

But I certainly hope things correct themselves or get better and he gets a chance to play.

When prayers goes up blessings come down, I still like his chances in playing next season in a razorback uniform

I sure don’t sense this type of pessimism in the Garland camp. But your information comes straight from the coaches, so I will go with that. If Mike thinks he will never play, then that is the only thing we need to know.

We did receive a blessings. The young man had a doctor find this medical problem and he is getting the treatment and care he needs! Garland may at some point be able to play. Yes prayers are answered!

Kids his age can suddenly and unexpectedly pass from heart issues. January 29, 1971 my 18 year old cousin was walking up the steps to a class in college and collapsed and died from a heart issue.

It is so good they detected something and are working to fix the problem. But if there is any chance it could be an issue he will not (nor should he) play.

Safe is better than sorry.