Dudley on DL

I have had a heart attack and a stroke, so I understand what Dudley has undergone. I send my prayers and hope for a complete recovery. God Bless and GHG!

Today was a better day. Good test results. Hope the trend continues.


Praying for him and his family!

My best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Prayers for a full and speedy recovery.

Praying for Dudley and his family. I reckon many prayers
from his large Razorback family of friends are being
offered up. You are in our thoughts, Dudley.

Get well Dudley. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

I had a TIA about 20 years ago, so I had a taste of what Duds is going through. Hang in there, my man. Better times ahead.

glad Dudley is doing better.my main concern is his mental health…with this COVID 19 I don’t know what I would do if a loved one was in the hospital and I wasn’t allowed to see them…know of two friends who had family members die alone in the hospital because of the hospitals restrictions…i understand the cautiousness but it almost seems inhumane not to let your love ones be with you if the end is near…don’t mean for this to be politicial in nature…again glad Dudley is doing better

Prayers for Mr. Dawson. Although I don’t know them personally, after reading their stories and comments for so many years, these moderators/writers/“instructors” become a part of your life after reading them for so many years. Get well soon, Sir.

Might go home today.

Dudley my wife has had several (T)ransient (I)schemic (A)ttack’s and we’ve been in and out of hospitals and all they’ve done is Medicaid, monitor you then send you on your merry way.

When making medical appointments, don’t allow them to consistently bounce you off to just a practitioner (keyword=practice) only…YOU NEED A SPECIALIST.

That’s their way of getting even more patience in and collecting off your insurance $$$$$

Its the equivalent to allowing the guy behind the counter at O’riley or Pet Boys to always diagnose the problem instead of a actual MECHANIC.

lastly their are warning signs before…(sometimes hours before) please, please pay attention to your body because if anything happens to you or my wife I’m gonna to lose it!!

Semper Fi!

Dudley, I hope you get better soon. My prayers are with you and your family. I enjoy reading your comments and look forward to doing that again real soon.

Praying for Dudley…praying for a complete recovery.

Dudley going home at noon. I told him to listen to his wife. He said he “will do”


Good to hear he’s going home, continued prayers for him and his family.

Saying and doing are not the same. Take care of yourself, listen to your wife and doctors and get well. We need you!

Aloha Clay,

Thanks for the updates on DD. Please keep them coming.


Thinking about and praying for you my friend!

Good news, makes us all happier.