Dudley on DL

First, I ask for prayers for my brother in work for the last 29 years. I’ll copy and paste Dudley’s post on Facebook from last night . Petra, his wife, recognized late Wednesday night the signs of strokes and got Dudley to ER at Washington Regional. He’s in the neuro wing there and texted me this Friday morning that he had a good night with good vital signs. Here is his Facebook post:

I am resting comfortably tonight in the ICU at Washington Regional Hospital after having a series of strokes on Wednesday afternoon and night. Much love to doctors and staff for taking care of me and my wife Petra for getting me here.

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Get well soon so you can do lots more good work. We will miss you until then. Dudley.

Prayers for Dudley! Get back soon!

Toughest part of this is no visitor policy at the hospital. So Petra has not seen him since driving him to the ER door Thursday morning. New policy because of virus tough on everyone. I figured Petra could go in. Nope. Hospital sent nurse to the parking lot for initial reports on tests. And Petra does get phone visits. Still extremely difficult circumstances.

Thanks for the information Clay! I will pray for Dudley and Petra and the Hawgs Illustrated family!

Wow. I pray for a full recovery. Thanks Clay for the info. Get well Dudley.

Prayers going up.

All the best to our friend Dudley.

My thoughts are with Dudley and family. Hoping for full recovery.

Yes I saw his post on FB.and will definitely be praying for him.

So sorry to hear about Dudley’s illness. Prayers for Dudley, Petra, his children and family. He is much loved and respected on this board.

Dudley is a fighter, he’s had a lot of obstacles in his life I believe he’ll come back strong. That is my prayer.

Praying for Dudley, Petra and the family - hope all goes well and you make a full recovery!

Praying for Dudley, and family.

Wow. Prayers for DD. Just wow.

Get well, Dudley. I will say a prayer for you and your family.

Prayers and more Prayers for our Brother Dudley.
We all know he is a fighter & will be back with us.

Dudley is the toughest person I know. It’s not even close. The things he’s been through are some really tough issues - car wrecks, losss of family (wife, mother, brother). Just hard to understand what he’s been through and survived. He’ll fight through this, too. I just feel it in my bones because I know he’s one tough dude. And I use dude to emphasize that’s a strong person.

Duds is a tough man and will run through this latest challenge then bring good writing to the board. Much thoughts sent his way.

A few of you know I’m going through a challenging time. Much of my life sucks right now. But I have my health, at least for the time being. DD has been through a lot more than I have, and his health is letting him down too. Best wishes and speedy recovery, my friend.

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Prayers for dudley and family