Dudley ? On BB recruiting

I just watched J. Williams win mvp in state finals. He’s the deal deal and only a junior. How do the Hogs stand with him as of now?

Not Dudley, but he’s the one 2020 instate kid I’ve thought we’d land the entire time.

His national profile is fixing to rise this spring and summer. Hope the people around him are like the fine folks that are around Portis and Gafford.

His mvp interview with Scott Inman was very impressive. He’s a very humble kid a yes sir no sir type.

Wonder how long before Woodz Elite start taking credit for the things he’s done this year.

Right now he is all-Hog and intent on playing with his high school teammate Isaiah Joe. That is reading between the lines.

Did you notice Mike Anderson was there to see Jaylin?

Yes, I did. Ever since the 2020 class first hit the seen, he’s the guy I’ve thought would be a Hog. Someone in the other thread (may have been you) said he’s blow up this year. I think he will, but I think he is Mike’s to lose.

Edit: Meaning he is committing to Mike and AR unless Mike doesn’t offer him. But I believe he’s already been offered.

I just caught some of the playback on the 10:00 news/sports. Geez, the kid has some moves and a good looking shot. He looked like he’d probably be the best PF on our team if he was eligible for tomorrow’s game. What AAU team will he be playing on this spring and summer?

I don’t know what AAU team he plays for.

As for college, he is projected as a stretch 5. I would love to see him and the JUCO kid we offered yesterday play together. He could come out and leave Stith underneath kind of the same way they used to stretch the floor and let Corliss post up.

He’s got a good stroke form 3. He will get better in the next year! He can dominate in high School just because of his size. It may take a little while on campus in college for the game to come to him. I hope he signs with the hogs.

I had seen him in a few games prior to this one and had noticed the things you have noted. What caught me by surprise in this game is the way he passed the ball around like a guard. That was impressive. Way ahead of Gafford in that skill.