Dudley on Barford

Is Barford a sure starter this year? Is he going to be the player you thought he was going to be?

I’ll piggyback this thread for questions. How is Cook getting his buckets? He’s provided a consistent stream of points.

One of the more encouraging signs is the steady scoring from Bailey, Cook, and Thomas. We’ll have to see if it translates to major-college defense. I don’t know what the competition is like. However, I do know that Kingsley and Hannahs are high-end college scorers, and they aren’t dominating the defense. Points up and down the roster could be a good omen.

I am not ready to pronounce an All-SEC guy yet, but he has gotten better and more controlled as the tour has gone along.

Strong with the ball, likes to go straight instead of side to side, attacks rim, has not shot great, but is clearly a streaky guy.

I think he will be a starter and big-time contributor, but certainly not a finished product - as no one is in August

Bailey and Cook are getting their points mostly off offensive rebounds and fastbreaks.

Cook did have one baseline J that I remember and Bailey dropped one in from wing.

Finishing on the break hasn’t exactly been a team strength the last few years. Sounds like we may have more exclamation points at the end of breaks this season.