Dudley, no shoes wins

The NBA has mandated to colleges(whatever that means, per CBS Sports) that colleges list players at their actual height measured without shoes.

Zion Williamson measured at 6-6, not his Duke listed height of 6-7. I can’t believe the NBA never measured each and every player, but apparently this is the case. Were they afraid they might offend somebody by actually checking out how tall they were? Bizarre.

Dudley, the height issue is now a moot point. Shoes off. You can’t wear lifts in your socks, either.

I guess we will finally find out if Reggie Chaney is really 6-8. He is a chiseled specimen, no matter how tall he is.

Can’t wait for barefoot games. That will be fun!

:rofl: :rofl:

As I have long said, once they start playing games in socks, I’ll accept it.

Until then, nope.