Dudley - latest update July 9

Another good doctor’s report for me this week. Petra are I are owning my recovery. Down from 250 to 220. Easing back into radio and tentatively slated to start back writing part-time on August 3. And yes, only good vibes


Great news! Proud of you brother!

The good vibes are shared by us as well Dudley.
Kudos to you and keep up the good work.

Great news, Dudley! Keep that great attitude and you’ll be your old self in no time. (Except for the weight of course)…

Great news…

a pic of you was on Twitter last week or so, and you had clearly lost weight from the last time I saw you (2017 ish).

btw-you were great on the Buzz this week, sounded completely healthy and informative, as always. To me, you sounded like you always have. If I didn’t know what you’ve been through, never would have guessed it from that radio spot.

So glad for you! You’re in my prayers, DD, keep up the good work.


You know what? I really don’t remember WHAT your wrote above, and though I think it was something positive…the only thing I really care about is that YOU’RE POSTING HERE AGAIN.

Good to see you back, Dudley. I really mean that.

Aloha DD,

Gaining momentum for a full recovery!


We are really glad you are feeling better, Dudley.

So, you were 5-9 and 250 pounds? That is about the same size as Doug Heffernan on the TV show King of Queens.

What is your target weight, now Dudley? You have got to get into typing weight. :sunglasses:

Take your time. Find moments to enjoy the recovery process.

glad you’re improving!keep following the doctor’s and your wife’s orders!

Glad to hear your recovery is going so well, Dudley!
Still praying for a complete recovery. Sounds like you are well on your way!

Glad you’re doing better, Dudley. Hope you have a 100% recovery soon.

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