Dudley - latest update July 9

Another good doctor’s report for me this week. Petra are I are owning my recovery. Down from 250 to 220. Easing back into radio and tentatively slated to start back writing part-time on August 3. And yes, only good vibes.


Good news on the good doctor’s report. God Bless. GHG!

Great song and sentiment, and wonderful good news.

Great news Dudley.
Thank you for the update Sir.

Awesome! Proud for you!

That’s great news Dudley! A lot of us on here have been knowing you for a long, long time - so it is as family that many of us say we miss you!

Excellent news, good sir!

We in NE Arkansas are pulling for you my friend! I care about you and respect you even more!

Great news Dudley!

Pulling for you Dudley. May have to start thinking of buying new outfits.

Well done… look forward to your writing.

YesssSiRR!!! Just in time for football, who would of thunk it? Go Duds…

Fantastic news Dudley! 1 day at at and 1% better each day sir! God has you, your a damn fine man!

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