Dudley introduced on Pig Trail tonight

Anyone catch Dudley a few minutes ago? He talked with Alyssa Orange for about 5 minutes. Officially on board tomorrow. Mentioned He’ll be the primary on Razorback baseball for Pig Trail on TV. He will also be part of Fearless Friday (high school football) this fall. He’s also a part of Hogville, which is also connected with the local NBC affiliate in all sports. He said he will also continue his radio participation.

It sounds like he’s in a good situation with his new job.


Good for Duds!

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Sounds good, but…

Yeah proud for my friend…he will do Great!

Made me smile when I heard that folks were vying for his services….


Good for Dudley! Happy for him!

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I had to laugh when I watched it. Duds had his cap pulled so low, you couldn’t even see his eyes. I wish they were gonna use his recruiting knowledge, but they already have Kevin and Otis.

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Dudley >> Kevin AND Otis.



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In basketball for sure.

Over on Hogville Dudley said he would be the “Baseball recruiting guy” .

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