Dudley if say Eric Curry

We’re to transfer out of Minnesota, would he have to sit a year even though he already lost a year due to a freak accident during practice before the season started?

Profile: http://m.espn.com/ncb/playercard?player … rc=desktop

Rumors abound nothing solid…

Yup. He’d have to sit. And if he didn’t get a medical hardship, he’d lose that year of eligibility. Certainly you’d think he’d get that year back, but with the NCAA you never know.

Where’d you read the rumors at? I haven’t seen anything on twitter or their message board.

I would find it highly unlikely that Curry would transfer to Arkansas if he did wish to go elsewhere.

A poster mentioned him as a candidate after the transfer rumor hit on another board - no-one that is in the know Blu.

Yes, if he were to transfer, I don’t think there would be a spot for him here or that he would choose to come here.

That didn’t end well.

His mom , is was disappointed we didnt recruit him first time. She told me that she felt he was better than the players on hill at time.

We offered him and he was on campus on an unofficial. Are you saying we did not recruit him hard enough?

Mom got a good job up there. We didn’t one up that. Read between the lines.

I have to totally disagree.

They made it very clear how much they wanted him here. Had him up for his official visit as soon as they could and on the same weekend as Barford.

I think she is practicing revisionist history after the fact.

I have no idea what happened with his recruiting. But I always think it’s very interesting when they are seemingly a heavy lean, here, getting plenty of attention and then poof, overnight, seemingly, they commit to Minnesota or some other school.