Dudley I have a question about KJ

I know you have seen him play and want to know does his technique and delivery look impproved?? have read elsewhere that said it was night and day better…what you think??


This is his first 4 games of his senior year. He has had a pretty good throwing motion and release. He is almost a clone of Kelly Bryant. The only thing that worries me with K.J. is possibly struggling at throwing from different arm angles, and being a play maker. I think he will be a solid college quarterback, much like Kelly Bryant, but struggle under pressure, but most quarterbacks do.

he looks very good to me. I wished he could bring that offense with him love how they hit the quick passes over the middle,something we need to start doing

I didn’t think it was that bad when I saw it in June/July, but will agree his arm and technique both look better when I saw him last Saturday.

That was no doubt in part because he is practicing every day and reps are a great thing in that regard.

I will say this. He is the real deal when it comes to the RPO that his high school runs and what Coach Morris wants to run.

I think he is going to have a great career.

Should have a story up Friday morning on him.

Thanks Dudley looking forward to seeing him up here and going through the spring.

He is coming in mid term?

They are trying to make that happen, but it is more of a possibility than a probability.