Dudley how much are going to pay

I have heard anywhere from $3.5 M to $6 M. If it is $3.5 M why are we waiting for Beard cause he wouldn’t go anywhere for that amount?

I concur. If we expect to coax Beard out of Lubbock, there will have to be infusions of cash into the foundation to enable at least $5 million per for a good long time with great incentives.

If it’s Beard it will be more, if it’s Marshall (unlikely) it will be more, Musselman somewhat less, others to be determined.

What ever they pay the next coach is too much! Coaches salaries have gone nuts.

Perhaps, Army, but that toothpaste is out of the tube and it isn’t going back.

Coincidentally, in conjunction with Final Four week this week, somebody compiled a list of the college basketball programs that generate the most revenue, as reported by the schools to the federal government. We were 21st on that list at $17.27 million for the 2017-18 season. If we were winning big, it would be a lot more than $17.2 million. So the increased investment in a new coach could very well be profitable if revenue increased more than the difference between MA’s pay ($2.6 million) and whatever we pay Beard or Marshall or Musselman or whoever.

By the way, Louisville topped the list at $43 million, with Duke a distant second at $36 million. Coach K makes $9.7 million, about 27 percent of Dook’s total revenues. The same percentage of our revenues would be $4.66 million. If our revenues jumped to $20 million (quite possible with a better team) it would be $5.4 million. Calipari’s pay is an even higher percentage of the Jellycats’ revenue, about 30%.

Too much? Why do you care? You aren’t paying it. Are you not for free markets?

Swine is right. Spending money for a good coach will be more than recouped by selling more season tickets, higher donations to be eligible to purchase seats, and because of winning, increased ticket prices. Long had a major price increase during the Petrino winning years and no one complained because we were winning and a top 10 program. Expect the same if we ever are a top 10 program again. You can not pay too much for a great coach. A mediocre coach at a modest salary is a sure way to drag a program to the bottom. WPS

Yes, but what if the next coach is like Mike, won at other school(s), comes here and doesn’t. Then the extra money spent, buying out Mike, giving a raise to the coach, won’t be recouped by selling more tickets, it’ll be the opposite, the University will lose money.

It’s the risk you run. But it can go the other way: Hire a cheap up-and-comer, the program continues to deteriorate, revenues go in the tank, and you lose money on the deal.

I did some further research on Louisville. They took in more money just in donations for basketball than our total basketball revenue. Yum! Center is a big arena (22,090), they fill it and people are willing to donate to be there, even in some of the nosebleed sections.

I figure HY is probably in Minneapolis this weekend, talking to coaches. How many coaches, and which ones, that’s the question. But it’s not going to leak out on our end, that much is clear.

I do believe that’s an issue here, and it’s just not because of the coach/players. At Barnhill, it was always packed and the fans would pump up the teams. Now, we have fans that don’t show up, or fans that do an wait for the team to pump them up. Louisville is like the late 80’s/early 90’s here (so is Rupp). They’ll come no matter what, our fans stopped doing that a long time ago.

Earlier this year, I heard that the BOT is looking at upgrades to BWA. Those upgrades will bring down the number allowed, but will make it more enjoyable.

That is always the risk. You can’t be afraid to make a move out of fear of failure.

Much like trading in a used car and buying a new one. While the transactions are connected, they are in fact two different transactions. In this case, you decide if current guy is meeting expectations, if not, do you think he will meet expectations if given more time? If that is no as well, you move on. Separate transaction is hiring the new guy. Do you think he can take you were you want to go? If so, what is it going to cost to get him? Frankly, the first transaction is easier (not easy many times, but easier) to figure out than the second one.

They’ve been talking about BWA upgrades for 7 or 8 years, since Jeff Long came out with the facilities plan which has so far brought the Smith Center, the Jones Center, the Fowler Center, the hoops practice facility, the RRS NEZ, and is about to produce the new stuff at Baum-Walker.

As I understand it, they need to do some reconfiguring to make BWA more usable for other events like concerts, which would bring in some additional revenue (IMO should have built it that way to begin with). Want to redo the concourses to be more fan-friendly. They want more premium seats which would reduce total capacity but should increase revenue.

Our ticket sales are not bad, which is why we were top-10 in attendance in 2017-18 even though the butts in seats count wasn’t anywhere close. It’s getting people to actually show up and use those tickets, both civilians and students. I think Matt came up with a season ticket total for this season but I don’t remember what it was, although it wasn’t radically different from last season.

I don’t disagree, but if you buy a new car (unless you Uber or Lyft), it’s not going to increase your revenue (or household income). However, if it’s a lemon, it could cost you in the long run

As I recall, at least I think I recall, when they built it, they made a big deal out of the fact that it WOULD NOT be used for anything other than basketball and Wal-Mart share holders meetings. That was seen as a plus. Not sure why that was seen as a plus (didn’t interfere with practice? That may be it, now that we have the practice facility, not an issue?)

You may be right that it was touted as a plus. But hoops begins in October and ends in March. That leaves seven months when you could have concerts at least occasionally without messing with practices or games. Now with the practice facility, all they have to do is avoid the existing events. I counted 38 game days between the men and the women this year, and the Walmart meeting takes up less than a week in June, and graduations in May and December. Even with setup and teardown for concerts (and commencement and the Walmart meeting), that’s more than 300 days you could do something. They’re not going to have anywhere near 300 events, but they could have 10 or so, and get more use and more revenue out of the building.

What is the population of Fayetteville (in regards to concerts). My wife has a friend in the music industry (I won’t say who), but they’ve had several world tours and a couple reunion tours. They’ve (her friend is in a group), have never been to LR (they consider it too small). Not everyone sees it that way, but would BWA and NWA be able to top the LR venue?

Oh, I agree with you. I remember thinking at the time that it didn’t make and sense.

The NWA and Fort Smith metro areas combined have about the same population as metro Little Rock/Conway, and Fort Smith doesn’t have a concert venue. The Walmart AMP in Rogers does a pretty good job of attracting acts you’ve heard of, but it’s small (9500 capacity) and is unusable several months a year due to weather (I went to a Jackson Browne concert there in November and froze my fanny).

BOK in Tulsa is about 13,600 capacity in end-stage concert setup. Verizon in NLR actually has more capacity in concert setup because of the asymmetric way the upper deck is designed there. Your wife’s friend may be concerned that they can’t sell all 15,000 seats in NLR. Maybe they’re correct. I suspect BWA in concert setup, once they get it more concert friendly, would be about 14,000 capacity. Concern may also be that the friend’s group doesn’t mess with metro areas that have less than 1 million. Tulsa/Bartlesville creeps just over the million mark. There are about 55 million-plus metro areas, give or take a few (several were close at last estimate).

I’m told whatever it takes to get the right guy.

Of course, the right guys come at different prices.

I 100% believe you’ve been told this, but I don’t believe it