Dudley... How about those Cards?

Quite the day yesterday for the Cardinals. Signed an extension for Carpenter (my favorite MLB player), Flaherty looked great in his start, got to see a classic Molina dinger, and another win over the Dodgers.

The Ozuna HR was nice, but he’s had some real head-scratcher moments the past two days…

I’ve loved the last four games. Great pitching, timely hitting and defense, except for that one play where Spiderman Ozuna climbed the wall without the need.

I do like what Ozuna is doing with his bat here lately.

Hopefully Wacha will continue the run of good starts today.

Carpenter is also my favorite MLB player so I was happy to see that.

Well, I hope I didn’t jinx them today. It’s been all about the Cardinals pitching so far this series, but looks like we’ll have to count on the bats today.

And they came through! Nice sweep.

Always good to get out the broom.

Good Home start…hopefully Redbirds get back to 600 + ball at Busch.
Next two weeks, 11 division games, 6 w the Brewers.

Been watching the Brewers the last few nights on the West Coast. They have cooled off a bit.


I watched the Redbirds score 2 runs today on a wild pitch. I started watching the Masters and didn’t catch the rest of the game. The cubs are a good last place team!

Cards win today over the Dodgers put them 1 game ahead in the long and storied history with their w. coast rivals. Cards 1,030…Dodgers 1,029!