Dudley -- Has Anderson's fate already been decided?


I heard you were on Ruscin and Zack’s radio show this afternoon and said that you believe that a decision has already been made regarding Mike Anderson. (I did not hear your segment, but that’s what I understood them to say later.)

If that’s true, do you think you know what that decision is?

I find it interesting that a decision may have been made when Hunter Y has apparently not had his end of year discussion with Anderson. I would think that discussion could influence what the decision would be, especially if any ultimatum might be made regarding assistants, as some people believe may be the case.

I’m just interested if you could clarify your thoughts here (unless it’s been done somewhere else on the boards and I missed it.)

TJ skipped the NIT to go after one of our top targets.

These boys played for their coach and themselves tomorrow.

Justice Hill just tweeted that he can’t wait to start playing basketball.

JMO but Mike ain’t going anywhere this year.

I listened to Dudley’s segment on Ruskin & Zach’s show. What he said was he thought HY had already made “his” decision but their may be some others weighing in also. He also thought the Announcement will be made soon after last game played.
He did not & probably will not say or hint which way he thinks it will be now.

I have followed Dudley for years and I know and most of you know that he will not release info until it is the correct time and is factual. He certainly would not release this type of info prematurely. So why would you even ask.

There are certainly rumors out there that a decision has been made. How true that is, I have no idea.

If Mike isn’t our coach next year, I hope he would be working in administration in the athletic department or be working at the Razorback Foundation.

Mike might do very well with the Foundation. He could use that reservoir of energy that exists from his lack of recruiting.

Yea everybody lands back to back top 25 classes easily… :roll:

Always amazed at people that are eager to post their ignorance on a subject.

Just post you don’t like CMA, you don’t have to lie and make-up stuff to let everyone know that. CMA’s 2017 and 2018 class were both rated top 25 classes by ESPN. His 2016 class consisted of 3 of the top 6 JUCO players and produced 2 First Team All-SEC players, and one of them is playing in the NBA right now.

BBoy comments sound eerily similar to charge against Nolan for lazy recruiting, doesn’t it? Some things never change.

Eric Bossi is on record that Mike and staff are tireless recruiters. I’ve also been told by someone that would know that it takes around 15k to even get a 5-star recruit to visit. Mike will never cheat so he’s got to do a better job on selling the program. I have been against paying athletes but i also want a level playing field. I say give the athletes an extra 10k stipend, make everything equal. Then if teams are caught cheating above and beyond that give them the death penalty.

Otherwise, the only way i see our recruiting getting better is to hire someone that is gonna bend the rules.

If Mike is here next year and beyond then i hope he wins because it will be winning the right way. He’s stubborn and loyal to a fault but that game vs. Providence was a thing of beauty. We can win with what we have as long as we add a nice piece or two.

I am for paying players but that will in absolutely no way deter cheating.

Seems like a similar situation to Bret’s 4th year, comparing to next year for Mike if he’s here.

I don’t think there’s any way we are better next year than we are this year. I think we will be worse. So, that’s not going to go smoothly for him.

I know some think that because we played well against providence on the NIT that maybe we are better without Gafford. That’s absurd, you’re never better without a lottery pick. We just are playing in the NIT against a bad providence team.

I think if he’s here next year he’s got his work cut out for him.

We will see though. I like Mike, I think every one likes him. But I personally don’t think he’s a good enough coach to ever get us deep into the tournament. I just don’t see it. He’s a pretty good coach who’s been consistently pretty good here, but after 8 years you eventually want to be better than pretty good. I’m not ok with just making the tournament every other year or so, and losing in the first round, that’s getting old. I sure don’t care about the NIT.

I bet HY will make the best decision for right now, I’ll be ok with either way. Although it’s starting to look inevitable, unless mike can pull off a recruiting miracle pretty soon.

I really wish people would stop comparing Bret’s time at Arkansas to CMA, it’s NOTHING alike, NOTHING.

One is a coach that’s never had a losing season, has the 3rd most conference wins of any other program during his tenure here, has played in the SEC championship game twice in his tenure, and has won 63% of his total games as the head coach at Arkansas, and won 54% of his conference games.

The other coach had 1 winning season in conference during his entire tenure, with two seasons of winning 1 or less conference games, only won 28% of his conference games and 46% of his total games as Arkansas coach.

Please stop with those comparisons, statistically speaking, it makes no sense whatever to even try to compare their resumes, I don’t care what number year it is. A bad year for CMA is playing in the NIT, a bad year for Bielma was winning 1 conference game.

I am no longer debating whether Mike should be fired or not.

But just want to pick your brain. Why do you think we cannot be better under Mike than we have been? I do want to debate that.

Also under Mike we have lost in the first round of the tournament just once. So surely that could not be getting old.

I should’ve put 2nd round. Either way, not a huge difference.

It is getting old, to me, especially considering he’s had some decent talent, two lottery talent guys. Nothing to show for it.
I’m not a mike hater, I like him, think he’s a good guy, had a friend work in the basketball program and loved him. I just personally don’t see that we’re getting better, I don’t see him outcoaching anyone, that’s what gets me. The recruiting Needs to be better. Team fundamentals have always been an issue, I felt like they were a lot worse this year.

At this point, it’s just hard for me to see things getting much better by next year, and I don’t think there’s any arguing if he coaches next year, it’s a pretty critical year for him.

That’s just how I’m seeing it right now.

You may want them to clarify that number, Jay Williams (Gameday) had a video a few years back discussing that very thing and your numbers are a zero short (100,000 to speak)

You over dug that one big time.

Never once compared their careers, if I did in that sentence it must’ve been encrypted.

I simply said, that the situation of what Mike is in right now, is a lot like Brets 4th year. How? (This is the way I see it). Mikes in his 8th season, has a really disappointing season, and a lot are unhappy with him. Ok, compare that to Bret, it was his 4th year, we saw regression, a lot were unhappy. Now, look ahead, you give them both another year, everyone knew that football team wasn’t going to be as talented or good as the year before, that was pretty easy to see. That mean a bad season was coming, and the inevitable of firing that coach was coming. Now, back to mike, looking to next year, there’s no way (personally) that I can see them being better next year. They are losing a really, really talented player, and possibly another young piece. The recruiting hasn’t been good enough, it’s hard to see them being better. That then results in a lot more heat on mike, and a bad season next year definitely means firing, considering it’s being mentioned the year before.

I didn’t think that was that crazy to say, especially considering I obviously wasn’t comparing their careers, not sure where you got that from.

So he has failed in recruiting and coaching. Then on the flip side, other than reaching Sweet 16, he has put up a very good record within SEC over the last five years with victories over all the coaches in the SEC. Those two things just don’t jive for me.

But let’s not debate that. I think your position is that he has reached his recruiting ceiling and even if he gets recruits, he couldn’t coach them.

I was thinking you would have said you didn’t think he could ever recruit better talent. That maybe a valid argument based on history. But based on history, there is no doubt he can coach, even coach them up.

A sweet 16 would be great, but that’s at Missouri, and I don’t care what he did 10 years ago.

I’m a big what’s going on now, and lately. What’s the future looking like. I mean is 3rd best in the SEC and no championship the best we can expect? I don’t think so at all. I think wanting to win a conference championship is very reasonable. Making it deeper in the tournament as well. If not then why would anyone care who the coach is. I don’t think he’s a bad coach, I think he’s a pretty good coach. I know his record, I know his success. I know he’s had the 3rd best record over the last so many odd years in the SEC. But like I said, pretty good only lasts so long. What do we have to how for it right now? That’s all I’m saying.
I think his style just isn’t having the effectiveness it used to, not with our level of talent. The recruiting side is a bit different, I think he’s got the ability to get good players, but the retention is an issue right now, and then recruiting the right guys and right pieces. Seems like we are ‘gappy’ right now.

I think Gafford was horribly mis-used this year. I would imagine atleast if we’re being completely honest with ourselves, that can be agreed on by most. You can’t misuse that talent level.

Now, if things looked like there was reason to believe t was about to get better than obviously you want to retain a guy who’s done well. But, I personally don’t see any reason to believe that we are going to be better next year. I hope I’m wrong, I’d love for mike to make a deep push next year, but I don’t see it. If you can’t see brightness in the future, that does kind of mess up the outlook on what to do by a lot, be it right or wrong.

The main thing is, once the writing is on the wall, it’s pretty rare it comes down off that wall. Atleast in a good way.

First, let me again state that I think MA should get at least one more year. Second, I think if he had made the Sweet 16 at least once it would make a huge difference in how he is perceived. Third, I have no questions he is a very good coach (setting aside recruiting). Fourth, I have had concerns from day one about recruiting. Lastly, my concerns about recruiting isn’t that I think he doesn’t try or is lazy.