Dudley- Grehlon Easter- Mills

This guy seemed to be a very good guard, very smooth and under control. Is he on anyone’s radar as a jr.?

Curtis White is he the leftie guard for Parkview?

It’s Easter and he had a big-time game. Very Impressive. Best game I have seen him have of the five or so I have seen Mills play this season.

White was 24 for Parkview. Lived at the FT line. Also had an impressive game.

Thanks for the reply.

So is Easter a D1 player in your view?

On Franklin is it strictly a grade thing preventing him from being a D1 player or is it size?

Easter certainly has a shot to be a D-I player. What level will be determined in how his all-around game develops over the next several months.

As for Franklin, I think he has all the potential in the world. As noted elsewhere on the board, I think he will just need to turn into a wing while he is in junior college to be an elite guy.