Dudley, Glaspper shoulder

How is his shoulder coming along and how bad will this set him back? I did not think he would get much playing time this year. Do you think he might redshirt? Thanks.

He won’t redshirt and he will be back before the season starts

He may need surgery: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … g-shoulde/

When I first read this article earlier this morning it caused me to pause and I immediately thought God’s blessings comes in so many forms all are for our good. Regardless of the downtime go have your shoulder surgery so you can compete at an 100%.

He’s now hurt that thing twice.

It looked last Saturday that he was just a couple days away from returning.

Then he came back and hurt it again.

Redshirting? Probably should do that anyway, but it is not a big thing with a lot of coaches these days.