Dudley ? for you

Frist off I am not trying to call for anyone’s job.

But I think this question would clear up a bunch of stuff…

What would it cost the UA to make a change in head basketball coaches this year? I am not sure it could even be done from a dollars standpoint…

If you choose to pass on answering this question, I would understand.


The idea that Arkansas couldn’t afford a buy out is laughable TBH. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/n … 743885002/

The SEC had just under $660 million in revenue during its 2018 fiscal year, according to a federal tax return that the conference provided Friday.

That resulted in an average of $43.7 million being distributed to the 13 member schools that received full shares. Mississippi did not get a full share because of its football team was banned from postseason play.

I’m not sure what the buyout is.

Matt usually has a good handle on the contracts.

Why would I not answer the question?

I would not want you to answer and start a long discussion and come off like you were for or against a decision.

I think it could be considered early to discuss while the season is on going.

I am a big boy and can handle it.

That being said, I don’t view it as ethical for me to be a beat writer and call for anyone to be hired, fired or kept for that matter.

To the best of my knowledge - with the knowledge that I did have brain surgery and do forget some stuff - I don’t recall every calling for somebody to be let go.

I have had plenty to say about them after they left, but no their job status while covering them


http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … e-razorba/

With three years left on that deal, looks like the buyout would indeed be $3 million if MA is whacked. Which I don’t expect, but ADs have surprised me before and we really don’t know yet how HY operates.

It would take a perfect storm of NCAA infractions + losing every single remaing game from here on out for MA to be ousted this year.

This is a mullet season with 9 new faces…but this yrs pass will be null & void for 2019-20. He is well aware his job and possible contract extension is on the line.

I suspect we will lose 2-3 more players (not including DG) this summer paving the way for a influx of Juniors to join this team.

Sometimes a minus (no DG) is a plus because the team will no longer be looking for 1 man to bail them out of a shooting drought.

I wonder if we work on getting the ball to the post man on time. Seems like he is open a lot more than he gets the ball and with every possession being valuable due to our rebounding deficit, players may be scared to throw the ball in to the post.

the new faces this year maybe, but most programs thrive and succeed on new faces that are talented… See any number of one and done programs. We have 9 new faces by fault, not default by fault in recruiting. Mike does not seem like a 2020 coach that would attract stud recruits unless as fortuitous as the three instate or state linked kids could be. Mike could get the moms better than the kids, except for the big mom fail with Perry. That was a wacked woman, glad not to have her on the periphery. That cost is affordable but I agree that Mike will be allowed to leave gracefully as possible. For HY, with great power comes great responsibility (ala Voltaire not Uncle Ben Parker). Not a situation that I thought we would have devolved to but have. Walmart did great today so there is once more great money in NWA. I hope the Walton gifts included stock, then the UofA endowment probably bumped up impressively. Vandy got Ingram family stock for a 300 mil gift.

Leaving out Kentucky and Duke, name me one program that is thriving or has thrived with 9 new faces.

PJ, some of these nine we have aren’t sec quality and I think you’d have to agree. I think that’s a big part of the problem!

I think you are talking about Adrio and Gabe. I agree they have so far not developed to compete at the highest SEC level and you can safely project that they won’t. Is there anyone else on this team that you want to put in that category? And certainly if they were SEC quality, we would have a better record.

But still, I take issue the word “thrive”.

I am of a firm opinion that 5-stars are immediate impact in first year, high 4-stars make an impact in the middle of their freshman year. So unless, you have multiple 5-stars in the new group, that team with that many new faces is going to have an up and down year.

And keep in mind an up and down year is what many predicted for this team. That is what we are witnessing, it should not be a total surprise.