Dudley ? For you .... Coach Strong..

Hey Dudley, lots of chatter on Coach Strong as a potential head coach if a change is made…

So knowing coach Strong, IF a change is made…( and data indicates this is a real possibility) would he be interested in this position? I have heard he would want know part of it, but today they said he would jump at it!

And if he was the head Coach, do you think he would get the job done?

I like coach Strong, he just carries himself with pride and dignity. I don’t think he got a fair deal at UT. And I will also say, I will pull for the Razorbacks no matter what. But I want to know what you think about all this.


I know of no interest from Coach Strong for the head coaching spot if it comes open.

But I will say that is my understanding through mutual friends and I have not talked to him.

Even though he is Batesville - mine and Newport’s old archrival - I think he is a good man and a very good coach.

I’m just told he doesn’t see it as a good match. I think he is pretty happy where he is now, certainly wasn’t at Texas.

Thanks… That is what you have reported before. These national folks just run with stuff.

I do like Coach Strong… But if he feels it is not a good match, I don’t think he will come esp after UT…

That seems to have been his consistent stance each time a DC (when he was a DC) or HC spot has been open, here.