Dudley DL, Part III

Just visited with Dudley Dawson after his check-up with his team of stroke doctors. There was good news. He’s getting better and the blood thinner is working. He is tolerating the medicine better and it’s doing it’s job. The doctors expect that he’ll return to work.

The bad news is that he’s out for at least eight weeks. He’ll have another check-up on July 1 unless he needs something sooner.

He provided some details, but the summary is that his vision is not where it needs to be right now. One eye is blurred so he can’t see well enough to read or type for an extended period.

He’s spent a tiny bit of time on our forums and just can’t read well enough to type and respond to all of the great thoughts from so many people.

He’s much appreciative of the love, support and prayers.

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Clay, thanks so much for the updates on our friend. This is really important to all of us!

Thanks for the update Clay. We’re still praying for Dudley. The love he’s received on this board shows how important he is to our HI family.

Slowly but surely I believe he’ll be back. We surely miss him but I’m glad he’s in good hands.

Thank you Clay. Prayers continue for DD et al.

Aloha and mahalo Clay. Please give DD our best.


Great news Clay and many thanks. Dudley needs to just take his sweet time. We are here for him while on the road to recovery.

Praying for his vision. Glad he is doing better.

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