Dudley Dawson and Richard Davenport....

It is my great pleasure to announce that Richard and I are joining forces here on the new site - WholeHogSports Powered by Hawgs Illustrated.

We are already great friends and to work together is a dream come true for me.

And here we go…

Same here Dudley. I’m excited about the future and what the merger means for the readers.

so many questions but that’s for another day. Glad to have you both on one site.

What happens to old board and what about my CC information will i get a renewal when it comes time also will i get a credit for unused part.

Wondering about getting a prorated return on my payment as well.

This change is a total surprise to me. You all really know how to keep a secret. But, it seems you made a great move alas we all benefit from it. Welcome!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i feel like Otis is getting left out

People keep asking that question, but no one seems to want to answer it. At the moment it is all about all the great things they plan to do.

I tried to cancel my Scout subscription but you have to do it by phone during business hours which are conveniently similar to a bank. You can sign up on line, but you can’t get out on line. They will take your money, but don’t like to give it back.

I like the people involved here, but this has been handled very poorly where the subscribers are concerned in my opinion. All of this should have been given subscribers in advance before the changes took affect.

The answer is your good on your current subscription credited to this site until it expires. I renew every January. I’m good until January. Scout site is going away. If you want to cancel scout and whole hog you can probably get a credit. But if you do nothing you are paid up for this site until it expires. Then when you renew you’ll have to pay this sites fee or don’t renew. That’s what I was told today.

How do I get setup to auto renew?

I don’t think you get a credit (shocked if you do). But if you don’t want to continue your Scout membership you DO need to call them and cancel. Otherwise they will renew it and charge your credit card at that time. If you renewed last month on Scout, for example, you are paid up until May of 2017. Again, I doubt you get your money back. BUT, HI is giving you credit here until next May, so, you are getting “2 for 1” until next May. (You may not use the old site, but, you can if you want to.) The biggest thing is the CANCEL your subscription to Scout (you have to call them, that is the only way to do it, the ONLY way) or they will renew your membership at some point and charge your card.