Dudley, Darius Hall and finishing the game...

I admit I’m lazy and haven’t rehashed this board for the answer, but did anyone ask Mike why Hall was on the bench down the stretch? Just curious. I’m guessing he wanted experience on the floor.

I did the Missouri locker room and coach so I am not sure what Coach A said.

Not to get too much into questioning playing time and substitution patterns, but I was very impressed with energy that Hall brings.

Hall really impacted the game…He will help us, unless he falls in love with the three ball. I may be wrong but I think the first 6 shots we took in the LSU game were by Hall and Bailey and they were all jump shots with out movement towards the rim.

Hall has a spark that needs to run off on others. No matter what happens on a play Hall is hustling and moving! He will make an impact when he is on the floor. He rebounds and plays defense his offense is a bonus at this point in my opinion.

I hadn’t really noticed until this last game (Saturday) how long his arms are on defense. Gotta be a real bonus as he improves his defensive technique.

Hall did not start the LSU game. The shots you mentioned were taken by Bailey and Beard.