Dudley: Darious Hall transfer?

Heard on the radio earlier that he is looking to transfer but they didn’t have confirmation. Also heard that Penny Hardaway at Memphis might have something to do with it.

Also heard that someone else is going to transfer, but I wasn’t given a name. What is going on?

Was just about to make a post myself. Was hearing the same thing on twitter.

edit: they are saying we are possibly looking at 2 transfers. Hearing Hall and Garland. I hope this is just bad rumors. I wouldn’t have ever predicted this.

This makes no blanking sense. He is in line for major minutes and could be a star in this system (more upside then Qualls IMO).

Of course since it is absurd it is probably true.

Yea, it is. I’m hearing all kinds of stuff, it’s all over the place. Now they are saying it’s Hall and Jones. I haven’t heard anyone credible comment on this. I’m not going to help continue to spread the rumors and just wait for Dudley or someone on the inside to comment before saying anything else.

Hall would really shock me.

Garland, I might understand if another college clears him and AR won’t. I believe the medical staff at AR has his health in his best interest. That may not be the case with other schools.

Jones, that wouldn’t exactly surprise me. I’ve said before, I believe Joe is better than CJ (Joe as a HS SR and Jones as a college SO)

I also would not be surprised by Gabe transferring.

Now, like you, I haven’t heard a credible source, yet. So, it’s hard to guess.

I would never rule out anything, but Hall’s transfer would make no sense to me.

All he has ever wanted to be is a Razorback and played 520 minutes this year.

He was not a Team Penny guy. He was a Memphis Magic one.

As for Garland, I have no doubt whatsoever he would have signed with Memphis if Penny would have been the coach.

If he was healthy, it would even make sense to me.

But he’s not and it would make no sense to either side for me at this point.

I would not - from a conversation I had the other day - not be surprised now if CJ Jones decided to transfer.

But I don’t think that is a given

Can you or someone link the tweets? If it’s Kevin McPherson then I’m worried.

Without burning sources can you elaborate? Does he see to much competition at his spot or is he down in the dumps over his inconsistent minutes/productivity?

I would personally hate to see him go.

It’s not anything from anybody credible. Nick Mason is the only semi-credible source I’ve seen even comment on it. It’s just a bunch of fans speculating based on what somebody called in on the radio and said.

Yeah, I was fixing to pm you about the Monk hanger on being involved

I’m not saying it will happen, just that I am not as confident as I once was he will definitely stay

Why do you think this would happen? Even a rumor like this, true or not, is not a good look for MA and his recruiting.

Losing players that contribute is bad. Losing players to a first year, unproven coach and team we are much better than is really bad.

I’ve already went over it above.

Fans start rumors. It happens every place, not just here. Has nothing to do with who is the coach here.

And here we go… You have no comments at all in any of Gafford threads about him staying because that’s positive news that makes the coaching staff look good for bringing their top player back, but as soon as a rumor with no credible sources pop up here you come ready to to criticize the coach and claim he’s losing players to a first year coach. And you wonder why people question your motives.

He was committed to Memphis at one time


Go away man…If you don’t like what I post, too bad. Just hanging out on a message board waiting to jump on people is sad… Trolling me won’t do you any good…stop being a jerk.

I just said if it was true, it isn’t good for the program, or MA. I didn’t claim anything. And just because I wasn’t cheering and praising MA because Gafford decided to stay, don’t mean I wasn’t happy for the young man. But I am sure he’s only staying because someone told him he wouldn’t go as a lottery pick, or the spot he wants to go in the NBA draft.

It has nothing to do with MA convincing him. He’s got plenty of people telling him what his options are. MA is lucky he’s staying, as it may not be a very good season next year with all the departures.

As was reported on here back in the day

It’s the world we live in. It’s happening all over the country. Unrealistic expectations and a lack of stick-to-it-ness.

Now see, when people called you names (which I’ve seen a lot of) and tell you to go away (another thing I’ve seen a lot of) you started a thread and made this long post asking people not to pick on you. So don’t start the name calling game if you can’t take it when people do it to you. Because you are quick to cry wolf and claim people are being “snowflakes” and bullying you, while being quick to throw insults at someone that doesn’t agree with you in your coach bashing.

And FYI I’m not sitting around waiting on anything, I just know how to click on someone’s name and view their previous posts. And I get notifications when I get replies. I’m not sure if you’re aware but those are common features on most message boards. What I find sad is a poster who claims to be a fan only wants to discuss negative news and then calls everyone else snowflakes all the time when they actually want to discuss things that are positive.

If Hall transfers, would he have to sit out a year?

If so, it makes no sense. He wants to go to the league next year.