Dudley: Coriah Beck

I notice that Coriah Beck of FHS has committed to Memphis. Was she recruited by Arkansas? Was she interested in Arkansas?

Not Dudley, but she was concerned about following her father’s footsteps.

She wanted to take her own path. She did have an offer from Arkansas.

Does she realize that all she did was trace Dad’s footsteps all the way back to where they started?

I’ve seen Coriah play. She reminds me of her dad a lot.

My kids grew up in Fayetteville, loved the Razorbacks (except when fans would come up us at dinner and gripe to me about them losing) and wanted to go to school somewhere differently than Arkansas.

I get it.

I’m disappointed some fans don’t recognize there are boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed during family time, as a Hog fan I apologize sincerely that things like this happen. I appreciate the job you do ! WPS

Thanks. Most do, but some still like to put the blame om the media and not the players and coaches because we are easier to get to.