Dudley, Clay a emotion question

From the outside looking in, it appeared the Staff downplayed the trash talking by Mizzou linebacker. It may have been the best thing to do, but it seems our kids would have more intent on them eating those words than it outwardly appeared. Any thoughts on this?

I think the players were thinking about it. Rawleigh ran over the trash talking LB on the first TD and Morgan got in his Grill and gave him an earful.

We did. For a half or so…
Red zone ineptness and the deep balls killed us

Ok Dudley, get after me for this but my thoughts are I think our quarter back has taken to many hits and they should have run the ball at the very end instead of throwing it…

in second half. Seemed like they felt they had the game well in hand at half and put it on cruise control…but it got away from them and they couldn’t quickly manufacture intensity again.

I don’t think the LBer’s comments did much of anything for the Hogs because our players (and perhaps coaches) looked at their record and thought they were playing the same team we steamrolled last year. Getting up 24 to 7 at half reinforced their mental frame of mind and we went through the motions in the second half. I do believe his mouthing off helped the Mizzou team believe in themselves and gave them a rallying point after it was played up in the press and apologizes went back and forth.

I think his comments motivated Arkansas’ players. Go watch Austin Allen’s body language when he is talking about it earlier in the week. The players were talking a lot early yesterday and came out pretty fired up.

But motivation can only take you so far. Arkansas got out-coached in the second half yesterday and that was the difference.

It frustrates me to continually see the same mistakes! Allen held on to ball to long as he has all year. Comparing Arkansas to other programs we continue to make the same mistakes continually. We were told our coach paid attention to the details! Well this year I have not seen that. Then no emotion in the second half. To me that also falls on coaching. Then for the coach to say he let the team have it after game that’s a little late! A very winnable game that we played to a loss! Arkansas Football needs some soul searching. If it’s change staff? Running off players? Recruiting better? It needs to be done. A very frustrated hog fan!

Why do you think I would get after you?

I agree that Austin took far too many hits this season and it came out in his play.

I questioned a poster’s opinion yesterday that Austin Allen is no longer tough.

I just don’t by that, especially when he ducked his head to get to the first down at the 5.

Then Skipper got his holding call and it was over after that

I think Arkansas played with plenty of emotion - especially in the first half.

Letting WRs run right past you has nothing to do with emotion.

It has to do with execution, which Arkansas did not have enough of in the second half after having plenty of both in the first half