Dudley caught up with Hog PG commitment Justice Hill

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2016 … azorbacks/

Since he has committed to the basketball team, I am thrilled to see him drop football from here on out. This should accelerate his development in basketball. He does need to work on his shot. He is 100% right. The way he attacks the rim, if he gets a consistent deep shot, he would be unstoppable. Having seen him work out, I don’t see any reason why he cannot become a consistent deep shooter.

I think Justice can be an elite college PG. He has all the physical tools and he also has the mental.

Is Hill expected to get taller or is 5’10 to 6’0 his ceiling? Some kids mature early and are nearly through growing by 15 to 16 yrs. Sounds like he has a ton of skills!

Richard you are easily one of my favorite reporters.

Richard is one of my favourites, too. I love working with him. I know Dudley is just as pumped.

Richard drove to Newport twice when Dudley lost his mom and brother last December. He drove up for visitation, then came back next day for service. Dudley told me then he wasn’t surprised because he knew what kind of person Richard has always been. It made an impression on me. We sat together at the funeral.

Thanks for the kind words PF.