Dudley - are you up for T/F this year?

I have 2.

  1. Did CBB appearance at Texas high school coaches conference where he slammed spread teams significantly, negatively effect his recruiting ability in Texas?

  2. Is the reason we did not get Brian Williams is because the UA failed to pay when RW was hurt and UA donor had to step up? Care to elaborate more?

My question is what’s the difference between left and right Twix bars?

  1. False. They just didn’t put enough effort into the state and instead more in Florida, Ga., etc

  2. False. I have heard that rumor, but nothing that validates it. I don’t think Brian ever had Arkansas as his favorite.

It’s a mystery that might never be solved

Is the reason we did not get Brian Williams is because the UA failed to pay when RW was hurt and UA donor had to step up? Care to elaborate more?


Wouldn’t that be a major NCAA violation?

Yes, it most certainly would.

  1. The current staff had any interest in Gooden…

  2. Brule told the staff he was coming…

  3. It wasn’t grades that caused Arkansas to back off Traveon Johnson…

Is there any truth that Scotty and Corliss want to come back and play their senior year in 2018-19?

  1. Yes, they had some interest in him, but did not offer him in the end

  2. Don’t know if he told the staff, but indicated to us he was coming

  3. Richard knows more about this than me, but I think it was mostly grades

Cubs are going to win the season series against the cards, and the division again.

True or False:

  1. After all of the hype, Morris’s Texas recruiting in his first class was disappointing.

Chavis joining this staff should have given another boost to Texas recruiting. In the end, they won some battles and flipped some good recruits in other states, but not in Texas. Rakeem Boyd was the only win in a recruiting battle in Texas. All of the other Texas recruits were already won (solid Hog fans like Pool and Jones or already committed to them @ SMU recruits) before they started.

  1. There are enough QB’s @ Arkansas who played a shotgun spread HUNH offense in high school, receivers, and offensive linemen for a decent Morris offense right away.

  2. The defense is a great graduate transfer defensive line stud or two away from being decent next year. You can’t go from not having enough defensive lineman for the 4-3 to the 3-4 and then go back without still not having enough linemen for the 4-3. This recruiting class helps but there is a lot further to go in the defensive line than one recruiting class can handle.

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  1. FALSE. Not at all to me. It’s his first class and the way they bounced back to me was encouraging. But I would never stamp a new coach as a success or a failure in terms of future recruiting on the first two weeks or the first two months. That wouldn’t be an objective way to look at things to me. y They have ton of offers out in Texas for 2019 ad I suspect that will yield the results most expect.

  2. TRUE, but I’ll have a better idea in the spring. Simply a guess since many of them have not played.

  3. FALSE. I think the addition of Dorian Gerald got it to decent.


As the Cards are currently constructed.

But I don’t expect them to stay this way.

That being said, I don’t think the Cubs are as good as their fans think they are and I think the Brewers probably have a chance to take them down if Jimmy Nelson comes back early enough.

Brewers will choke, they always do. Darvish pushes us back into top 3 with Astros and Dodgers. I never pay that much attention until the Hogs get done with basesball, hopefully I’m not paying attention until June 30th :sunglasses:

I’m right handed but eat left handed so left twix is better! :lol: