Dudley - Are you going to do a True/False post?

If so, I got some I sure would like to get your take on:

True or False:

  1. After all of the hype, Morris’s Texas recruiting in his first class was disappointing.

Chavis joining this staff should have given another boost to Texas recruiting. In the end, they won some battles and flipped some good recruits in other states, but not in Texas. Rakeem Boyd was the only win in a recruiting battle in Texas. All of the other Texas recruits were already won (solid Hog fans like Pool and Jones or already committed to them @ SMU recruits) before they started.

  1. There are enough QB’s @ Arkansas who played a shotgun spread HUNH offense in high school, receivers, and offensive linemen for a decent Morris offense right away.

  2. The defense is a great graduate transfer defensive line stud or two away from being decent next year. You can’t go from not having enough defensive lineman for the 4-3 to the 3-4 and then go back without still not having enough linemen for the 4-3. This recruiting class helps but there is a lot further to go in the defensive line than one recruiting class can handle.

TRUE - because I think they will be decent now that Dorian Gerald in the fold.

Thanks Dudley. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.