Dudley/Anyone finish this sentence...

Reggie Perry is the best Hog signee since ____________

Portis was McD AA, but IMO Perry is much more skilled with the ball.

Best prospect since Joe Johnson accurate?

I think his average athleticism could keep him out of 5 star range. I think he’s very comparable to Dedric Lawson, who’s been highly productive at the college level.

I think that is a very good comparison for Reggie.

Because Bobby ended up being drafted in the first round, I am going to stick with him as the best since comparison.

But Reggie probably has more upside

Wow! Some pretty heady company

Perry reminds me of Joe Johnson with how smooth he glides. Keep in mind he is 6’9-6’10.


He doesn’t move or play like Joe Johnson. Once you see him more I don’t think you’ll make that comparison.

Yea I don’t get the Joe Johnson comparison, Bill Ingram also said that about him last year. I think people just say that because Perry may be the best Hawk since Joe Johnson. But as far as their games and comparing them as players they are not similar at all. Johnson is a 6’8 SG/SF that’s really known for his perimeter shooting and slashing. Perry is a 6’10 PF, that can also play the Center, and possibly SF in bigger lineups. He can shoot the 3, but mostly his game is around the rim.

It’s body movement and “attitude”. He never appears to be in a hurry, doesn’t wow you with athleticism, but can blow by players with a good ambidextrous handle and good vision. Joe was obviously a true point forward and Perry is more of a PF. When I see his highlights I those similarities with both players.

** Disclaimer I’ve only seen his highlights on YouTube and I stayed in a Hoilday Express last night

It is clips like this that remind me of JJ, or maybe Lamar Odom.


I hope he makes folks think of Reggie Perry, the guy that helped the Hogs win some championships.