Dudley and Richard.

Can you guys give some sort of realistic expectation to how many they will sign in this next class and how many players may move on? It is obvious Garland won’t be on the roster and more than likely Gafford will enter the NBA draft. But are there a few more that may leave as well?

I’ve said for a long time now that I expect them to sign four.

It’s not just a guess on my part.

Jordan Phillips freed up one. I expect Garland to go on medical hardship.

I expect Gafford to go on to the NBA.

That would leave one spot needing to be cleared up to sign four. So somebody leaves willingly or told to go to a better situation.

I have never pointed out anybody in particular, just noted that I usually look at kids not playing and work from there

Is that Hill plus 4 or counting him?

Hill and 3 others

Well that only means 3 more to sign. I was sure hoping they would sign 4!
Do you think Ali can contribute next year?
What’s your thought on Henderson?

I don’t think he can or will comment on that but my opinion, which isn’t much, is that Ibby will move on and Ethan plays some minutes next year. I knew he gets bullied but i’d love to see him get minutes now. He plays within his role and isn’t a huge liability. I know he won’t be launching threes.
That’s not a knock on Gabe. I like Gabe. Just wish he’d quit looking pissed off after he makes a mistake. Own it and move on.

I think a lot depends on whether they’re intentionally redshirting Ibby or if he is just too raw and unskilled to crack the lineup. If he’s being redshirted, they might keep him around. If they’ve concluded he’s never going to play, then yeah he’s probably gone.

Swine who do you think starts once Gafford leaves?

Next starter might not be here now

I’ve seen a few practices and just based on that small sample, I think Ali has more upside than Ethan. Ibby is strong and carries some good weight that allows him to actually play in the post, Ethan does not. Watching both of them shoot in drills, I think Ibby has the better and more repeatable shot. Ethan has been playing longer so you can tell his reaction time and familiarity with situations is better. But honestly, I like Ibby’s upside better.

You think Ibby will be able to play next season and provide some help. That could be good news.

My thoughts are if Ibby or Henderson were capable of playing at all on this level they’d be playing this year!

So as of right now just reading in between the lines on what Dudley was saying…

Scholarship 1 - Phillips
Scholarship 2 - Garland
Scholarship 3 - Gafford
Scholarship 4 - Ibby or Henderson (Based on playing time)

Looks like the staff definitely wants at least one of Hawkins and Diawara.

Also, looks like they want a bigger guard/wing type.

So, I’m guessing we’ll see any combination of 2 bigs and a wing, or maybe 1 big, a combo 4/5, and a wing to fill the 3 open slots.

Based on what’s been said before by both Dudley and Richard

Scholarship 1 - Phillips - Hill
Scholarship 2 - Garland - Franklin
Scholarship 3 - Gafford - ?
Scholarship 4 - Ibby or Henderson (Based on playing time) - ?

To me that means we only have two open scholarships. I’m thinking a 4/5 combo, and a wing. I think the staff considers Javon a big

I’m being told two bigs as in the 6-9, 6-10 range.

Not true. Look at every college basketball bench. You will see a couple of tall guys in uniform that never get off the bench. There are not that many bigs in the country that can contribute as freshmen, if there is someone more experienced and better playing ahead of them.

Bigs just take longer than guards. Those who are ready are generally 5 stars or high 4 stars or Jucos.

Names already posted, or maybe surprises?

Checked back in on Gueye and he continues his wildly inconsistent play. Scored 20 in their last game on 9/15 shooting, grabbed 11 boards, and 3 assists but also had 5 to’s. He’s shooting the 3 at a 40% clip and averaging 11 & 7 on a team with four or five D1 guys that’s 23-5.

We’ll get to see plenty of at least one of them, Bryce Williams, who signed with Ole Miss. Looks like he can really shoot it. Shooting 50% from 3 on over 100 attempts and 84% from the FT line. Scoring almost 18 per since they started conference.

Their other stud is former VaTech player, Khadim Sy. We may get to see more of him in the future as well as he’s been offered by OM, LSU, and Auburn.

If there are surprises, that is what they will be. :sunglasses:

I have heard MA say before and recently that we need more scoring, especially from our bench. I like how Gabe O plays D and can rebound but he is NOT by any means a scorer , has a horrible jumper (unless 3 feet and in) and is bad at FT line as well. Just curious if anyone thinks he might be one goes or do you see him staying. Just curious on your alls thoughts on this is all.