Dudley and Richard, where do we go from here?

So with the transfers out we’ve had this week and with Bumper coming back … what do you the football team adding from here ?

How many can we add now? What positions do you think the coaches are looking for ? What are your thoughts??



I believe they will add 5 more in addition to the two transfers and prep guys already secured

I think they would look to best 5 of DE, LB, secondary

But only if they would be projected starters

Maybe QB - we’ll see.


I know of a QB in the portal who has interest in coming.


Sounds good Richard… You think he could help us out?

Did he play for the Sooners? :laughing::laughing:

Haven’t researched him much be honest. He’s interested in Arkansas, not sure Arkansas is interested in him.

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Fair enough thanks

NOT a QB but a thought.

There was post about him a few days ago on the board… have our work cut out for us to get him out of Big 12 country probably but would love to have him.

Thanks youdaman.

Sorry but I missed it somehow.

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No problem, it’s hard to keep up with all the stuff on all the forms.

So who is the QB?

Have no clue ,we will find out if we’re interested in him as he is in us… then the name will come out

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