Dudley and Richard what do you think?

As of today , how many do you see us taking ? 3, 4, 5?

Are the Lawson brothers in serious play for us?

I hope Lawsons are in and play

I see we made top 5 for Jayden Gardner. He is a stud.

I can see four or five. Maybe more.

This is the ECU player, correct? I guess I need to go watch some video footage of him, cuz everyone is saying he’s really, really good.

How many current players would have to leave to make bringing in 4+ new players this spring a reality?

Just know everything is fluid. You know that’s my favorite word.

If more players currently on the roster are leaving, wouldn’t we see some movement by now? Seems to me, to maximize your opportunities, you want to declare your transferring out as early as possible.

I hope everyone currently on the roster (minus Desi, Moses, and the 3 seniors of course) comes back, but that’s probably not realistic given the current state of affairs in college hoops.

He ate up Houston! We can definitely use Gardner! He doesn’t jump as high as Justin, but he is a threat to score all the time and is a hoss on the boards.

Sounds good to me.