Dudley and Richard ? On Transfers from the state of Oklahoma

Hey guys hope all is well … got a question on the 3 players we recruited as HS recruits from the state of Oklahoma? Trey Alexander , Jaxon Robinson, and Bryce Thompson… are we involved at all?

Not involved with Bryce Thompson. That’s Arkansas’ choice.

They are recruiting Jaxson Robinson.

Trey hasn’t been released from his NLI so until that happens no one can talk to him.

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Hmmm, any details you can divulge? academics, character, etc.? That’s very surprising to me. IMO, he’s clearly the most talented of the 3.

Not really.

It may have something to do with common knowledge that he may be headed to Tulsa. I remember Dudley mentioned to look for Tulsa when the news first came out of Bryce leaving Kansas.

Not sure why anyone would play for that snake at Tulsa. Rod may like having his son close but🤮

Dad may have a coaching future to worry about.

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