Dudley and Richard make a pick on Trey Alexander

As of today, do you think Trey will be a hog?

If it’s true and we are competing with Auburn and UGA, I have to really like our chances!

Where did you hear this? I hope you are right, but I thought OK was the big favorite for Trey.

competing with UGA and Aubbie??? I don;t get that and especially in BB as to how that makes a difference.

I think the original poster may have confused Trey Alexander with Chance Moore. In another thread, someone said that Auburn and Georgia really wanted Moore.

His list of seven schools are Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Auburn, Georgia, Ole Miss and Grambling State.

He has only made on campus visits to Arkansas and Oklahoma

I just can’t make a pick right now, but I can tell you what I am hearing.

Trey has said he is not signing in the early period, but does plan to possibly cut his list in November and make a decision before his seasons starts in December.

I know there are some in the college basketball world that think that Texas prep guard CJ Noland’s commitment to OU in September seems to have dimmed the chances of him going to Oklahoma.

But others believe that both Trey and Team Griffin AAU teammates Bijan Cortes (OU commit) and Daimion Collins (uncommitted) will all end up as Sooners.

In his own words, Arkansas has been recruiting him the hardest.

The fact that he is a 1-2 and Chance Moore is viewed as a 2-3 (allthough we all know there is position-less basketball these days ) would seem to be a plus in Arkansas’ favor.

I usually lean to the AAU teammates playing together. but just don’t have enough intel to make a informed pick or guess.

No, OP is right based on the latest info, most notably an interview with Trey after the Wootten 150 camp last weekend. It’s gone this way:
• OU deemed as favorite, although Arkansas was seen as either equal or near competitor
• OU takes commitment from CJ Noland, and people that talk to both OU and Trey say that was the spot they were recruiting Trey for too; thus, moving on
• Arkansas takes clear drivers seat; Ole Miss seen as major competitor
• In the interview from last weekend, Trey mentions Arkansas, Auburn and Georgia. Says Arkansas is recruiting him the hardest.

So, Arkansas has actually been in a really strong position for quite awhile. All of this has happened over the past 2-3 months.

It’s a new world in SEC basketball. Pearl at Auburn and Crean at UGA means they are really competitive on the recruiting trail.

Have you not seen Auburn the last few years? Won the SEC, went to the Final Four. Georgia with Crean pulled Anthony Edwards, #2 overall player in the country.

Daimion Collins looks to be headed to Kentucky, so don’t think Oklahoma haul is happening.

Born and raised in Atlanta.

Trey is one of three guys I thought Arkansas was in good shape with a month or so ago. Not ready to say he’s coming but it definitely won’t surprise me.

That will be a big get for Muss. Getting closer and closer to that out of state 5 star.

Trey is another ranking puzzle. ESPN #40, Rivals #76, 247 composite #62. RazorAg, maybe I should just stop looking at ESPN. These guys at ESPN and college basketball recruiting don’t jive.

Collins just committed to Kentucky…


No Oklahoma haul, start looking for Trey Alexander to head this way👀

Zach Berry of Futurecast predicts Trey to Arkansas. He says Noland commitment to the Sooners triggered his prediction.

Predictions have been coming in this week from other sites predicting Trey Alexander to Arkansas

This year exacerbates their problem. Rivals and 247 have gone to the non-shoe-league events; thus, getting a more recent look. ESPN hasn’t.

I would like to agree with the AAU kids maybe wanting to stay together, but then you have to consider what can happen when the bagman seriously enters the recruiting equation.

Agree. I went back and looked at ESPN ratings for recruits for other schools and there are similar wide discrepancies. 247 composite is what I will look at from now on.

Averages are better anyway. For example even though Rivals has Moore as a 3 star, the composite rates him as a 4 star and that is a fair evaluation of him.

Never discount Pearl’s buying power… The Bank of Auburn has a AAA rating by the NCAA.