Dudley and I

plan to eat lunch in Fayetteville on the Friday before the Auburn game and would love break bread and talk about the Hogs if anyone is interested. Lets us know. Obviously looking around noonish. Open on a time and place.

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Since the game starts at 11 what time are you thinking for lunch or brunch?

He said on Friday, not Saturday,

Ah… too early for me I guess :slight_smile:

I would love to be there but you guys are too intimidating for me. :joy:

They can intimidate. Both can put away chow. They eat with both elbows out and growl if someone reaches for their food.

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I’ll take a chance …

Can’t be there but I’ll suggest CJ’s Butcher Boy burgers. The owner Keith Wilson can sit in for me. Tell him Uncle Danny sent you.

I would like to meet you guys, so I can come. I recommend Herman’s at lunch for the burgers, the Wallace Spearman salad and the Philly steak sandwich, made of filet meat.with gravy. But, I can go anywhere you all want. Just let me know the time and place.

We’ll do Herman’s. Noon good?

sounds good to me!! looking forward to it…

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Dang wish I could go meet up with you boys. Someone order my boys RD and DD a margarita on behalf of ole Lynnsanity.

What he said.

Dang. I would like to see Richard tackle a Herman’s T-bone.

Might have to come see that.

I"m you’re huckleberry …

Meeting at Herman’s at noon Friday

So far, we have Richard, Dudley, sdhog and jhawg meeting at Herman’s at noon on Friday. Anyone else?

I’ll come. After living in Fayetteville for 9 years, it’s about time for me to go to Herman’s.

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Baumbasti Hawg makes five.

Too bad I live about 10 hours away. I’d love to visit with y’all. I’ve tried to eat at Herman’s several times but they’ve been closed or shut down for remodeling.

I’m sure what’s said at Herman’s stays at Hermans but any tidbits y’all can share would be appreciated.

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