Dudley and board ? For y’all on contracts

Morning everyone what a win last night….

I’m curious about something, because I want to keep our wonderful coaches , Head and assistants, happy and here….

With inflation sky high budgets and raises are very much being looked at… so I got to thinking; how much if any are we paying former coaches that were let go? If we are do we know when will those payments stop? And last will that money be able to be sourced from at that point to facilitate some of these raises and counter offers that are sure to come from others seeking to hire our amazing coaches??

The only coach I can think of that we may still be paying would be Club Dub, and he should be paying us.

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No former basketball coaches are under buyout clauses. Morris was the last football coach. I don’t think this is a problem going forward.

Morris’ buyout payments are scheduled through the end of next year.

Morris must be the highest paid High School coach in the nation…. :smirk:

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It’s a shame he’s at Allen now. I can’t imagine him sending anyone our way

I saw Kyler Murray win the first 2 of 3 state championships for Allen in Jerry’s World. He was amazing. Undefeated in high school.

Chad ain’t doing so good at Allen High.
He have a buyout there to ? :joy::upside_down_face::rofl:


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