Dudley? About Beard

You once said you’re sources said Beard only had interest in a few other schools and Arkansas wasn’t one of them. Do you still feel the same?

Not Dudley, but stuff changes

I’m wondering if there’s more going on than money with somebody, whether it’s Beard, Marshall or whoever. Somebody maybe doesn’t have a good relationship with his AD, or wants more control over his program, or something like that. There was more than money with Sampson, evidently, and we weren’t gonna play the HCIW game for Junior, but maybe someone wants to be associate AD in charge of basketball, be able to run things and schedule and so forth the way he prefers. Plus a truckload of money.

Just a guess.

I have not been contacted

Gas…you’re a gas! Lol!

Would make sense.

Yes, that was a Gas Attack!!

Gashog, you NEVER acknowledge being contacted and you keep turning down these gigs. Someday you’ll let ‘em back that Brinks truck up to your house so we can reach the promise land. Until then just keep teasing us!