Dudley, a question about why no point guard...

Why do we not have a player who can play the point? Did we not try to recruit one last year? We all knew last year that Macon, Beard nor Barford could play the point. What do you think Coach Anderson had in mind? Did we offer the Waters kid who went to LSU? I don’t follow basketball recruiting, but I am curious. Is Khalil Garland a point guard?

Without a point guard, any team is at a huge disadvantage, especially playing half court basketball. Can you imagine that Waters kid penetrating and dishing to Gafford? Dynamite.

Jalen Harris (who is RS) is a true PG along the lines of Jabril Durham (who had a good SR season). Yes Garland is thought to be a PG (that is what he played at Parkview and AAU). Garland would have really helped a lot this year.

I expect Harris to start next year.

We attempted to recruit Trey Young and a few others. They decided to go elsewhere. As Navy said, Harris is a PG, Garland played PG and would have helped, if he was cleared.

As far as a point guard, they have certainly gone after true point guards, but have not been able to land the best ones.

Khalil Garland is a 2-3, who would like to become a 1 if he is ever able to play. He is certainly not a true point guard at this point.

For what it’s worth, Anton Beard was ranked 90th nationally by ESPN in 2014 and listed as a point guard.

Jabril Durham was one of the best point guards in the SEC his senior season after a so-so year as a junior for Arkansas.

Jimmy Whitt was also listed as a point guard, but I always saw him a combo guy.

Jalen Harris - who is redshirting this year - is a true point guard, but I am not ready to label the redshirt sophomore as a great one just yet.

As for PGs in the 2017 class, Arkansas offered Jay Jay Chandler (Texas A&M). Also looked hard at Fayetteville’s 2016 Payton Willis, who eventually signed with Vanderbilt after not getting offered by the Razorbacks.

Arkansas and everybody else was in on Tremont Waters, who was originally committed to Georgetown.

They were close on TCU’s Jaylen Fisher, who originally signed with UNLV before their coaching changes.

Also went hard after Oklahoma’s Trae Young, Florida’s Chris Chiozza, and Texas’ Kerwin Roach.

Winning and being successful in the big dance is what it will take to land a top tier point guard. We have some in state kids in the pipeline that are the future Sills and Joe. I almost forgot about Hill!
It’s water under the bridge on the past misses we have to look forward and hope for the best.
I was surprised when Fisher went to TCU over the Hogs! Waters is a good one for LSU and from where that program is that was a suprise for him to end up in the big easy. Young going to OU wasn’t a suprise at all it made sense for him to go to his hometown Sooners!

Thanks for the update on the point guard question. We tried to get one, but we just could not land one. How does LSU continue to recruit as well as they do? They have poor fan attendance, no particularly strong tradition, and change coaches pretty often? It’s not like Baton Rouge is a great place to live.

  1. I’m sure just about every institution in America uses $ to recruit, especially those that land consistently good 5* players. I believe we lost Perry to Mistake because of the amount of money they were throwing out.

  2. This is something that every recruiting expert has mentioned, if CMA (and Chad Morris) can get the kids to visit, they are all surprised, they’re told something bad about AR, then when they get here it’s completely different. If the kids don’t visit, then the coaches can’t dispel the stories.

Which is why we need a great marketing video to dispel the lies. I still cant believe how weak our video content is when we have so much negative recruiting against us. You still have to get the kid to talk so you can invite them to Fay and the video is going to help.