Duane Wilson

Jon Rothstein:

Marquette grad transfer Duane Wilson tells me that he’s considering Texas A&M, Arkansas, Nevada, Georgia Tech, Georgia, and Virginia.

Playing time cut in half this year

In 3 years : 201 assists and 151 turnovers

Not great numbers for a PG

Yea, his number aren’t good at all, can’t really shot that good, not a great passer, not a good free throw shooter. Is he a good defender? I’ve honestly never heard of him. Just from looking at the stats, it’s hard to imagine him playing more than 16 MPG here, and that’s what he played at Marquette.

We’ll probably have to wait for Dudley or RD to confirm if we are pursing him or not. A lot of times kids just throw team names out there of schools they like.

Edit: Found an article about him and his role on Marquette. Looks like he was a defensive specialist. That may be why the staff is looking at him. Maybe wanting to find a Manny Watkins replacement.

https://marquettewire.org/3968406/sport … -defender/