I wish Dustin would stop fouling like it doesn’t matter whether he is on the court or not. He’s playing fantastic of late. I fully expect every shot he takes to go in. He rebounds well at both ends and has shown a knack for getting deflections. He defends the post well. Gabe and Bailey have stepped up in his absences recently, but more minutes for DT would help our cause.

That said, his second foul against Bama for a block on Sexton was a charge all the way. It was a sound defensive play and not even close. Funny, the refs seemed pretty strict on charges until Braxton stepped into Barford in the final minute. The Sexton call was much less iffy than Barford’s. I wouldn’t have been upset by the Barford call if that had been the standard the entire game. It wasn’t.

Not to mention Sexton leads with his knee and elbow to clear space. Should be an offensive foul, but it’s rarely called.

Yeah, it was ironic that a knee to the onions wasn’t even a foul, but a slap on the shoulder was a flagrant. The second flagrant on Jones was ridiculous. He was going for the ball. He just didn’t get there, and it wasn’t in the open court. If that’s a flagrant, Gafford should get to shoot about five flagrants a game.

Glad to see others agree with me on this.

If he can keep holding his own on the boards/defense and hit open mid-range shots this team is a tough out.

The charge was not called correct or consistent. Refs protect money man Sexton! He gets by with charging, walking, carrying the ball and flagrant fouls!
Dustin Thomas needs to avoid fouls period! In regards to his shot where has that been! Man he didn’t miss and was effective. He’s a ball magnet on the glass.
There are times he isn’t strong with the ball but that was the best game he has had as a Razorback. Dustin needs to play 25 to 30 minutes when he is shooting the ball like that. Bailey showed a flash as well.

Thomas has quietly been shooting 55% in SEC play, and a lot of that is on midrange jumpers.