DT target won't be visiting

Took DL Enoch Jackson Jr. - Mansfield (Texas) Mansfield Legacy off the list to visit July 27. He told Dudley he won’t be able to make it.

But he had a lot of nice stuff to say about Arkansas that I will have up in story form in just a bit.

He visiting somewhere else this weekend?

that hurts big time…to pass up a time to be with all the other big recruits doesn’t make me feel good.

He’s going on a vacation with his family.

yeah I saw that…we really need him!

I think he’s leaning our way from reading other sources as well. Would be nice to get him campus for cookout but I don’t think that’s a deal breaker in this case.

yeah I’ve read where others thunk he’s ours probably and I hope so,he is the type we absolutely have to have 3* is a joke…he’s easily 4-5*