DT Ayobami Tifase

did make it to the Hill today for the start of his official visit.


He arrived at about 4:30 yesterday. He’ll leave around 10:30 am tomorrow.

One of those final 4 schools just does not belong.

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He’s a Nole.

Didnt see that one coming

He sounded real good when he left but you could tell he had a good relationship with the Noles’ DL coach. Norvell ain’t no slouch in recruiting.

It seems that about half the recruits set up their favorite as their last visit.

This was one of those kids I was hoping we would steal - get him for 2022 (sort of) before everyone figured out how good he was.

Maybe the Fla. State of a few years back! Tallahassee can’t even compare. He must have thrown in some NIL money

If Novell doesn’t start winning we may see him in portal soon!

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