Drove up 49 today for the first time in awhile

And the first thing I noticed as I topped the hill north of Greenland is that the two Pigscreens are about equal in height. The north screen may actually be a tiny bit higher. What that tells me is the NEZ structure, including the admin building, is about as tall as the SEZ as well. And thus, despite the gap, it should hold in the noise pretty well.
Now we just hope the fans have some reason to make some noise.

Hit 117 decibels vs Ole Miss in 2016. Will be interesting to see what the enclosure does to the noise level.

I was at that Ole Miss game, and it was loud. But not as loud as when Ronnie Wingo scored on that wheel route against Bama in 2010. That was earsplitting.

So on the way home, detoured down Garland, right on Maple, and saw this:

Looks like a stadium, folks.

Absolutely love that view Swine and LOVE that pic! Can’t wait to see it in person along with the massive new wild band of hogs statue/monument/badasspieceofartwork! Thanks for posting the pic!