I think that’s it.

Very exciting to hear him talk about recruiting and what he understands to be important roster positions: DL/OL and speed. I think Bret knew that but didn’t know how to recruit it. I believe CM will learn from that mistake.

I really like the guy. He pulled me in with the emphasis on Oline and Dline.

He’s coming in at the perfect time with a great blue print for success.

He also can look at bret and learn what not to do, as Bret shot himself in the foot with his hires and comments about Texas Highschool, which may or may not have had an impact on his poor recruiting in Texas.

The players are going to have to learn how to pump a bicycle pedal at full speed. The aerobic exercise regimen will be kicked up a few notches. Speed is of the essence.

I liked his line about how if you don’t have speed, you are chasing speed.

I like the hire and think he will do well. I fully support him. He said all the right things, but most coaches do. I think he will win, but it will take time.

Sounds good!!

Exactly, Dudley. And it is especially true in the SEC.

We know that from experience.