Dropped passes?

On the news tonight they showed several clips of what were purported to have been dropped passes in Saturday’s game. There may have been some dropped passes, but the clips shown were pretty bad passes, mostly way behind the receivers, a couple lucky not to have been intercepted. It’s a certainty that if those don’t cleaned up by the end of the first quarter of the Ole Miss game we will have a new quarterback. Unlike last year, the pass protection was usually pretty good, allowing sufficient time to find a target. I sure hope that old saw about making improvement between the first and second games is true or we are in trouble. It was shocking to see we are seven point dogs. Ordinarily I would blow that off were it not for the fact that the betting lines are usually based in logic and work out in the long run. Hmmm. Or the line is based on emotion and what 50% of the bettors feel will happen.

Ole Miss’ defense played pretty good (on the road) last week. They’ll be at home against the Hogs who struggled mightily at home against a mediocre Big Sky conf team.

I did not see anything in our game that suggests we have a good chance to win in Mississippi.

Me neither. In fact, that game discouraged my belief we’d win at OM. However, the game did make me think we were a bit better than last year. IF we are better than last year, we have decent chance to beat OM unless they’re also better than last year. It’s hard to know after only one game. It hurts us that we’re playing down there. However, if our D is substantially better (and it might be), our chances are much better, too. I think the O-line is somewhat better than last year, but it’s hard to tell when the opponent was PS. I’m not quite ready to pronounce our QB’s better, but I trust those who say they are. But they’re gonna have to show better Saturday than they did last week.

I think OM may be considerably better defensively and not as good as they were on Offense last year. I think our Defense is better than last year’s and our Offense still stinks. Passing game was very disappointing. Hicks had better find his accuracy. Another game like last week and the coaches will be ready to move on.

I agree with this. On the other hand, I’d rather see Starkel behind center.

Some were off the mark some. But in timing routes, receivers have to get the proper depth. And several were on receivers. I’d hope my receivers would get most of those. For sure, some were just plain drops.