Drop Kick

Saw something tonight I have never seen in a game. I went to our local HS game (team having great year, and several of the boys help me with our hay). They went up 24-0 midway through 4th qtr. when out comes the kicker for the extra point without a holder. Yep, he dropped kicked it through. He had been doing fine on his place kicks.

Sort of funny watching the refs. They just looked at each other. Finally the two under the goal post sort of raised their hands, went over and looked at white hat who sort of raised his hand for good.

The original way it was done.
I was good at it in HS, but Coach always made me have a holder anyway.

I fancied myself a FG kicker in my early teens. Practiced off a tee for hours. When I got bored I would practice drop kicks. It’s not that hard (from short range). I never saw a drop kick used in a game.

Never got to do a extra point or FG in a game but my Jr. High coach let me kick off once when we were creaming the opposition. That was the highlight of my short lived football career.


and very cool

i remember messing around with it during practices but didnt know it was legal