Drive from Central Arkansas to Baum

With all the road construction from Clarksville to Alma, anybody taking a different route to Fayetteville than I40?

No. There is some construction, but I40 is still the best way to go. Just leave a little earlier. 30 minutes earlier should easily make up for construction slow downs.

I’m on that highway quite often.


I agree with Southpaw. I did take a slight detour between Clarksville & Ozark last week. Drove parallel to I-40 for about 10 miles to avoid stopped traffic, but that was all. I-40 is faster than Hwy 64 or going north to Harrison & over.


Why not take the pig trail then?

Hopefully you’re use to it, My son was in a wedding in Fayetteville last weekend, one of the other guys in it, went to school here, drove up some people from OM. The OM people weren’t ready for the curves, they showed up sick at the rehearsal, lol.

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You can cut over to highway 64 at Ozark go west to Dyer or Alma.
Or take 23 north at Ozark 2nd exit, if you can handle the road. Not a whole lot of traffic on it these days.

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There is some construction west of Ozark, but the slow down is not enough to justify taking the Pig Trail. Besides, Baum is just north of the first Fayetteville exit off I-49 & if that’s your destination, I-49 is easily the best way to go. I’d only take the Pig Trail if I was in no hurry & wanted to enjoy the scenery. Those curves are tough on a lot of passengers, too.

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There is currently road construction : 1. Conway mm 120 2. Lamar mm59-63
3 Ozark mm30-38. A lot more schedule for balance of 2021. Wondering how long it would take to detour onto 64 at Lamar and get back on at Clarksville?

That’d be about the worst place to do it. 64 diverges quite a distance from 40 between Lamar and Clarksville. Most of the current construction is around Conway and Ozark. That might change soon, but that’s where the slow downs were last weekend

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Thank you

The Conway construction isn’t that big and has caused me very little trouble, especially since its north of all the major exits.

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